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Open Mic Full Backline Acoustic Electric in Hawthorne NJ

Open Mic with Matty Z. – Full Backline

Emerging talent and professional musicians alike, performing to a live audience is a special adventure. Live music is always a unique experience. At our Open Mic nights, we enjoy jamming to well-known tunes, and we

Matty Z and the Brawlers Album Take it outside


“Robot” – Matty Zmigrodski I am the robot I write the code everyday The ones and the zeros have nothing on me I feed from a browser that simplifies my life My icons dance and

Open Mic @ Sticks & Stones, June 14, 2018

When friends gather at Open Mic, magic happens. Everyone enjoys good music and good company.

Matty Z and the Brawlers Album Take it outside

Bitch About Love

“Bitch About Love” Matty Zmigrodski & The Brawlers You had 65 lovers all under the covers that’s a lot of mistakes to make Couldn’t you have screamed or shout or turned yourself away. It’s not